chord pads problem?

Hi, I’m dragging chords from the chord pad into the project page and the chords are not the ones I dragged…they are named as the correct chord but the midi notes are wrong… :confused:

this happening to anyone else?

Just spitballing, but maybe if you also have a Chord Track and the Instrument Track is set to conform to the Chord Track?

how can you tell the instrument track is set to confirm to chord track?

i just spent about 30 mins tonight trying to debug why the chord track went out of whack on something i was working in. bascially, i had the chord track monitoring halios SE using a piano present. i was adjusting the chord editor to detect what chords I am playing to get a root chord and all of the sudden i notice that its all off by 1 semitone. i play a F major but its detecting a F# major e.t.c. i checked in all places can could not figure out what was happeneing.

I gave up, saved and closed cubase and re-opened and the problem went away.

It seems that if I have an instrument track set to follow the chord track and i drag a chord from chord pads to the instrument track it doesn’t play the chord I dragged but if the instrument track is set to not follow the chord track the dragged chord is ok…bit weird :confused:

In the Instrument Track’s Inspector, the Chords tab controls this. The controls all interact with each other so you should check the Ops manual for a full description. But the “Follow Chord Track” & “Live Transform” are the 2 most significant fields.

When you drag the Chord onto the Track does its location on the timeline match the Chord displayed on the Chord Track? With Follow set on if you dragged an Am Chord and placed it where the Chord Track has a D Chord I’d expect the MIDI Notes to be in the D not Am Chord, but if you dragged it under an Am on the Chord Track it wouldn’t change.

I’ll try & remember to verify this when I’m at my DAW.

Hi, I dragged a chord to an area where there was no chord displayed on the chord track…yet it plays a different chord…just seems to move one of the notes, dragged chords to an un-chord track area often in 8.5 with no problems, not a huge problem now really, just annoying…
appreciate your attention to this my friend :slight_smile: