Chord Pads randomly reassigned!!

I have had multiple instances of having all my Chord Pads randomly reassigned, e.g., after Cubase has sat idle overnight or worse, when reloading a project. It’s not just a simple transpose, i.e., from an errant key press; several of the pads are set to the same chords. And the chords the pads are assigned are not just different tensions or inversions; they’re completely different, often with extremely complex chords.

Fortunately, I save early and often, so can usually recall a snapshot with the right chords, if only to then save a Chord Pads preset to then recall in the latest project version. PiTA, to be sure.

Unfortunately, changes to Chord Pads do not show up in the Project History; I think that they should. That would also enable “undo” of accidental changes, too.

I don’t know how to narrow this bug down further, as it appears to occur when I’m not looking. It’s happened to me enough times that I thought I should report it. Maybe others have seen this and have more details on how it occurs, and my voice saying it happens to me, too, will raise the issue up off the noise floor in the Cubase Bug Fix Department.

As an aside, I’m finally getting around to using great Cubase features such as Chord Pads & Track, Arranger Tracks, etc., as songwriting & arranging tools. While still not as fast to arrange as workshopping a song with a band, they are a huge boon when working solo, helping try out arrangements and chord progressions very quickly. Thanks, Steinberg! Now if we could just the Chord Pads to behave…


There is the “Assign Pad from MIDI Input” function. Didn’t you activate it accidentally?

Aha - I think I found it: I do want MIDI input - very handy way to define the chords. BUT, I do NOT want the Mod Wheel and Pitch Bend modulating the pad assignments! I hit upon that quite by accidental (see what I did there? :wink: and was fidgeting whilst taking on the phone and happened to hit the Mod Wheel, and all the Pads went nuts! Wtf? I cannot imagine a use for that - the pads were not just transposed or changed tension, they were crazy-town, with no relation to the original assignments. Several chords assigned to multiple pads. And no way to get back to where they once belonged. This does not seem like a feature!