Chord pads sections player mode legato

alright I know this is out there, but I cant find a practical example of this. If you understand the chord pad player mode, sections and the option legato, this will make sense, if you dont, this wont.
the main issue being the common notes would have to continue on their own, and not be retriggered until another note on message was sent. What would provide a set up for such a thing? it would require the common notes to be a sustaining bow i assume, is there a library that has sustaining bow hits until retrigged by another note on? and then to make something like that work the sections in the player would have to transmit to separate tracks i assume.
these are the features that could use a lot more descriptive documentation in my opinion.


For example, if you mouse-click to the Chord Pads, instead of playing it from the hardware MIDI controller.

thank you so much for taking the time to reply to this Martin. This is one of those things I think would take a bit of explanation and time to really resolve, I’m looking for what the thinking was when this option of legato in sections was implemented.
but for discussion sake, let me peal this a bit further. In your comment are you suggesting that someone would 1) hit the chord pads first using a midi keyboard as is necessary to trigger the sections in the first place 2) then actually play something on the section keys, then while playing those keys grab the mouse to retrigger something on the chord pads, I know I must be missing something in that scenario, because I cant Imagine anyone doing it.


The scenario I have in mind is to use just the Chord Pads and mouse. No MIDI keyboard at all.

I see, thanks Martin for your input, I do appreciate it, I will continue to explore this. I admit this one has left me unable currently to see it implemented properly. When using the Plain Chords option, the legato mode makes perfect sense, and works for me as expected. But when switching to the sections and then using the legato mode, although a similar principal in dealing with overlaps, I’m just not able to arrive at a working scenario.