Chord Pads -What am I missing

Ok here’s a screenshot.

So for years now since they added this feature I just select the track, enable chord pads in the top left corner of the lower zone, make sure my keyboard is in the right octave , record and play…
I keep getting this issue where it won’t let me use the pads and I can’t figure it out.
I don’t use chord tracks or any of that stuff, I don’t need them I’ve gotten by just fine without them.

As you can see in the screenshot I sketched out some chord lines just fine previously but after working on another section I return to the track and the “To use chord Pads activate “record enable”…” message has appeared. I never gotten them to work once this message has popped up so I’ve ended up having to hand write in or copy and paste the chord one by one from a previous part where they were working.

I need to squash this.

I reloaded the project and bang it’s back ready to use…

Just what is going on