Chord pads with AKAI MPD218

Hello everyone,

I’ve been experimenting with Cubase for a long time now, because I just enjoy the music and like to “hold on” to my ideas.

Now I would like to have other instruments such as a piano via Halion Sonic SE for recording with the guitar, bass etc. and drums via the editor. I’ve really dealt with it for a few hours, but haven’t quite got the functionality I want.

I assign the required chords to the chord pads, and when I click on them or drag them onto the track, the whole thing works perfectly. However, I would like to import the “piano” via my AKAO MPD218. Only then will the note be packed in the chord that was assigned to the PAD by Halion Sonic SE and played in the chord. (See screenshot attached)
You have to be able to turn it off somehow, right?

I have already searched through some articles and videos on the Internet, but apparently no one has had the problem so far or no one has done so ^^

Would be very grateful for your help.

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry, the screenshot is missing. And I have to say I don’t understand really, what do you want to achieve.