Chord Playback: 2 requests

At the moment, playback of chords is project wide. It would be useful if this could be adapted so that you can turn it on and off by flow (the way it’s been set up, it looks as if this maybe coming anyway). It would also be useful if users could link chords to a beat, and not just have them playing when they’re shown.

I don’t know how others work, but I tend to keep ideas in one project file. I’ll generally start with a simple notation of melody and chords and, if I later think it’s worth developing, I’ll then move to a piano arrangement. Once that’s complete chord playback is no longer needed for that piece - although other items in the project file might still require it. The request for assinging chords to a beat is because one can get a better sense of the underlying rhythm that way and still keep the basic notation correct.

Thanks for this feedback. We do not currently have any plans to make it possible to change whether chords are played back for each flow, but I can see this would sometimes be useful.

Thanks Daniel.