Chord playback problem

I’m having issues with playback on iPad (since previous version I think and still present with the 5.1.10 update).

Starting playback using P to play from the current selection seems to randomly (but constently) play some notes from the initial chord (sometimes it plays all the notes correctly). Chords following the first chord are played correctly. It does that on the iPad only, the desktop version is fine. The visual keyboard is also playing the same incomplete chords.

I’m attaching an example project for anyone to validate the issue. For example, starting from the second chord on bar 3 only plays the e flat. Starting at the first chord of bar 5 only plays the 3 upper notes.
test chord playback.dorico (954.2 KB)


The reason for this is that the audio engine used by Dorico on the desktop and the one used on iPad take a slightly different approach to determining the initial start position for playback. On desktop, we wind back the playback position a tiny bit (I think something like 50ms) to try to ensure that any notes whose start positions have been humanised to be slightly ahead of their written position will still sound. On iPad, however, we don’t currently do this, instead starting from exactly where the playhead is located. Consequently, any notes whose start positions have been brought forward a tiny bit won’t sound.

We are discussing how to bring the iPad version in line with the desktop version in this regard.

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