Chord popup closes when Dorico window is not in focus

I have a use-case where I need the chord popup to remain visible when Dorico window loses focus. At the moment, as soon as I switch to another app, the popup is closed.

To reproduce: open chord popup, click on any other app than Dorico - popup will close.

Any chance of this being fixed?

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This isn’t a bug, but rather how popovers are designed to work: once you click away or put focus somewhere else, the popover closes. I know that there can be situations in which this is annoying. I don’t rule out changing this behaviour in a future version of the software, but we have no current plans to do so.

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I don’t know what is or isn’t a bug, but this issue prevents this user from getting value from Dorico in a specific scenario. I believe some definitions call that user story, which is a type of issue.

Certainly it’s reasonable to close popup if focus is moved to another place within app. Closing it when the app window itself loses focus is, I assume, an unforeseen side effect of using “onFocusLost” or the like event. If that is the case tho, I understand it might not be straight forward to fix. Probably the easiest would be to suspend event processing if app window loses focus, if QT permits that.

Well, what do you know! Turns out, if on a Mac you hold Cmd button, you can click in another app and clicks will get processed, but the Cmd-receiving app will keep focus!

So: in Dorico, Open popup, then hold Cmd, move mouse to another app and click around to produce midi, voila!

Far from ideal, but at the moment manageable workaround for me.