Chord problem

Why does this happen? I can coerce it to get all the notes in position but it requires quite a bit of moving notes around in the tab staff.

You might find that setting the ‘String’ property for each note to the string you intend is the quickest way to resolve this.

I’m unable to enable the string property when selecting the “?” . The easiest way to resolve this is to re-enter the chord on the tab staff.

Anyway, I found it difficult to imagine an algorithm that couldn’t resolve this particular case as the solution is pretty obvious.

I’m not a guitarist, but I’d be interested to know how a guitarist with four fingers and a thumb on each hand could play this chord. I know it’s just about possible to stop the first frets on the bottom E and B strings without stopping the A string (you reach around the neck with your thumb) but how would you stop the third fret on the D string and high E string without also stopping it on the G and B strings?

Am I missing something?

From string 6 to 1: Thumb, open 3, 2, 1, 4

Got it. Thanks.

Looking at this further it appears that Dorico gives up searching for a TAB solution if more than 4 fingers are required. Not certain about this but I’ve tried several cases and moved notes around and this seems to always be the case.

So if this is what is causing the mapping between normal staff and TAB staff to be incomplete, please consider making the search limit the number of strings available rather than 4 fingers used.