Chord problem

Hello all,

I have 2 instruments and I’m placing a chord on the first one.
The I select the corresponding note on the 2nd instrument, I press Shift+Q, I write the name of the enharmonic correspondent, and finally press Alt+Enter. I was expected to see a chord symbol on the second instrument different from the one on the first instrument (F# and Gb). Instead I have 2 chord symbols with the last entry (Gb).
What I’m doing wrong?


As far as I’ve understood you cannot have independent chords on the same beat … I’ve already seen jazz folks complain loudly about this …

You can indeed have different spelling of chords, but it seems to me as if this only applies to instruments of different transposition - e.g. a piano and a tenor sax. Not a piano and a trombone.

That’s true… what the OP could do of course, is add a chord one grid to the right, and hide one and the other on the respective staff, adjusting their position slightly in engrave mode.