Chord progressions bug

I posted this as an addendum to an earlier thread, but it appears to have remained unnoticed there, therefore I’m reposting this (sorry if the team has already seen it):

Chord progressions with changing basslines behave in an illogical (but understandable) way when numbered repeats are involved. An example:

Since the first chord in the second repeat follows Am7, not G, it should be written as G/B, not just /B.

I know the team has seen it, and so have I (as many users of the forum). This bug has already been reported a while ago, AFAIR. You might be considering deleting this re-post, as Daniel made it quite clear he really did not like bumping threads or reposting like that, making it also very clear that every post was read and was given an answer sooner or later :wink:

Dorico does not currently consider repeat structures at all, either for chord symbols or for anything else. You can use the Properties panel to override the ‘Hide root and quality’ option for a selected chord symbol.

Oh, and please don’t bump or repost.