Chord Question: Cm+7/Eb

As the title says…

What does Cm+7/Eb mean? I am guessing C minor (C Eb G) with a major 7th (B natural) or maybe an augmented 7th (B#), with an Eb in the bass?

I am asking, because when I type this into Dorico as is, it gives me Cm/Eb, ignoring the +7.


It could mean Cm with an aug 5th, plus a flat seventh. (A different spelling of Ab2/Eb).
Or it could mean Cm(maj7).
It won’t mean a B#.


Added B# would just make it a Cm chord!
Must be Cm with maj7

If that is indeed what’s meant, I think the correct spelling should be Cm7+/Eb

Theoretically, I suppose it could, but is the plus sign ever used to indicate a major seventh in standard nomenclature?

  • usually means #5

Cm+7 is C Eb G# Bb (Augmented 7 chord). But usually augmented 7 applies only to major chord. So this is weird at best.

/Eb means Eb is the bass note.

Maybe it’s C E G# Bb with Eb in the bass. But that’s pretty dissonant.

Dorico recognizes C+7omit3/Eb. Maybe that is what was intended.

It’s a poorly written C minor with a major 7th (B natural) over Eb. Usually, + means an augmented 5th, but in a minor chord an augmented 5th doesn’t exist. Raising the G to Ab in a C minor chord changes it to an Ab chord. That said, this is a good example of how certain chord symbol shorthands can be more confusing in certain situations. Cm(maj7)/Eb (or similar approaches, can’t do superscript in the comments here)would be much clearer here.

I’ve seen +7 to mean major 7 a lot. I don’t like it, but I’ve seen it.
I’ve also seen +7 (as well as 7+) to mean augmented with seventh.

Thanks for all the input. I thought it was very confusing.

I appreciate everyone’s thorough answers.