Chord recognition

Could there be a Dorico update to recognize chords just like Staffpad and Cubase ?
Thank you

That would be a great learning feature to have!

Could you be a bit more specific about what kind of feature you’re asking for, Octogesa?

Write chords with notes on the staff and then use written recognition of those chords (Cm,Bb7 etc…)

I think Octogesa is thinking of something along the lines of Finale’s Chords > All Staff Analysis in their Chord Tool.

Cubase, Staffpad, analyzes the chords and names them

Well, if you use a MIDI keyboard to input the notes, you can use it to input de chords because then Dorico does analyze the notes you play to name the chord. I think that is why you’ve been asked to develop your request :wink:

On the contrary, my request is that Dorico analyze the notes of the chord, but when they are already written, not by means of the Midi keyboard.
Same as Cubase, Finale and Staffpad

Dorico can do this already: it shows the chord in the status bar in the bottom left for selected notes.
(But it doesn’t follow your Engraving Options for chord symbols AFAICT.)
Schermafbeelding 2020-04-22 om 01.48.26.png

Just one system, but for several instruments it does not

For some reason, when I do chord entry via the popover SHIFT + Q and enter the chord by PLAYING on my MIDI keyboard, the chord is not recognized. I get BLANK. The only way for me to enter a chord is by typing in the symbol. During the tutorials, this chord recognition via playing the midi keyboard in the popover worked, but not anymore. Did I inadvertently change a preference or setting that disables this great feature?

Secondly, I agree. It’s great seeing that you can select a chord that is notated in the score and Dorico displays the spelling in the lower left status bar. Is there a way to select a sequence of notated chords and have Dorico automagically insert the chord symbols above each chord?


Kevin, do you see a green dot in the bottom right corner of the screen when you press a note on the MIDI keyboard? That would confirm Dorico is receiving MIDI data.

Yes. The green dot is flashing as I play a chord. I can STEP entry and RECORD with my keyboard just fine. And when I invoke the chord entry popover and PLAY on the midi keyboard, I hear the keyboard and see the green dot flashing. The only issue is that the chord recognition is not working. It worked when I first went through the tutorials that demonstrated this feature. If I use STEP entry, the resulting chord is spelled correctly in the lower left corner of the status bar at the bottom of the window, so I know the chord entry is being recognized. It’s just not making it it into the popover.

I’m running V3.5.0.1020 (May 18,2020) with audio engine on MBPro 16, Catalina using an M-Audio Keystation61MK3


I would also love this feature, so I finally know what this Tristan chord really is :wink:

I still haven’t figured out why chord recognition via popover is not working for me yet. Not overly concerned as it is just a convenience and time saver.

While sleuthing, I found that StaffPad for iPad does do automatic chord recognition, and across a full orchestra. Not sure how accurate it is. Short demo here.

Historically there’s certainly been an issue here, which is usually fixed by restarting Dorico. I’ve not seen it for a while, though it’s probably been a few months since I played chord symbols into Dorico.

I very much agree with what you say Kcall, Staffpad recognizes chords very well, Staffpad is fabulous with the work of chords !!

Watch from minute 1:33 of the YouTube video of Staffpad, it is a perfect recognition of the chords !!

I still get on-again/off-again success when I try to input chord symbols via my MIDI keyboard.
I can use the MIDI keyboard to input notes consistently; but sometimes, when I use SHIFT-Q and the MIDI Kbd to enter chord symbols the popover appears, but playing a chord on my MIDI keyboard has no effect. Restarting Dorico did change the situation, but why the initial attempt had no result is a mystery.