chord repeats (score and TAB)

Hello everybody. I’m new here.
I’ve been editing notes for 30 years. First with Leleand Smith´s Score (DOS), later Finale and for a long time with Sibelius. Now I’m testing Dorico’s try-out version.
How can this be done in Dorico? (see attachment)

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  • You could do lyrics for the text. To make the lyrics italicized, go to Engrave menu–Font Styles, and find the Lyric Font.
  • Make custom playing techniques for the arrows. You can find a helpful Youtube tutorial on creating custom PT here:
  • The “p” could simply be entered as a dynamic.
  • To hide the noteheads: You could also create a custom notehead set that omits the noteheads, I think. But I haven’t done it myself, so I’ll let someone else weigh in on that.

I spent a little while trying to reproduce this reasonably closely, and you can see what I have come up with in the attached Dorico project. The only insurmountable problem I faced was that you cannot show no fret number on the tab if you want to still show the rhythms. Open up the Dorico project and take a look. There are two guitar players (so that you can show notation on one and tab with rhythms on the other: you can’t show tab with rhythms along with notation at the moment for a single player). The up and down stroke arrows are designed as custom playing techniques, which you can double-click in Engrave mode to see how they are put together. In the simplified notation, the first beam on the notation staff has been forced horizontal via Properties, and the subsequent beams have been moved vertically to match the position of the first one. The beams on the tablature staff follow the options defined on the Tablature page of Engraving Options. (373 KB)

Thanks for the quick answer and partial solution. Sorry - it was not clearly defined by me: it was only a question of eliminating the remaining chords in the tablature - i.e. only representing the stems. The symbols are probably not a problem.
In Sibelius I use two TAB systems (instruments), the top only with the rhythm, the bottom only with the numbers and then push them together, as can be seen in the screenshot.
Is that also possible in Dorico. Sorry - I haven’t gotten that deep into Dorico yet, but if it worked I would cross-grade right away.
Sibelius TAB.gif
P.S. Why is there not the possibility like in Sibelius. To represent notes without heads?

If you will allow me to quote myself:

There’s no way to completely hide the fret numbers in tablature. Even if you scale the tablature numbers to 1% size and disable the background erasure on the Tablature page of Engraving Options, the beams and stems will also be scaled down accordingly.

Okay - thanks.

By the way, if you open the Dorico example I prepared for you, you’ll see that this does use two guitar players rather than one. If you didn’t want to show different notation in tablature than in the main staff, you wouldn’t need to use two players: it would be sufficient to use a single player. The only thing you want to do that is more complicated to do in Dorico than in Sibelius is hide the fret numbers in the simplified notation in the tablature; otherwise I’m confident you’d find Dorico superior.