Chord resolution

How to get a 6 chords in a bar in Cubase : see picture…


Change the Snap to the Beat or to Grid and set the Grid to 1/4 or even 1/8. Or disable Snap completely to move the Chord events freely.

As you can see in the pic there are 6 vertical lines per bar : how do i get those lines?

Stretch out the screen so more show. How far you zoom in or out depends on how many lines you see along with the quantise value.

In Cubase i do have 4 lines and it stays the same undependend of zooming
So i think this is chanceable in preferences ?

Another approach is chance the signature to 6/8 …and yes now i get 6 vertical lines !
Perhaps is this a specific music example (see pic) of 6/8 signature…must be …otherwise this chord resolution is not possible?
In 4/4 you get two chords in bar

Zoom out.

I don’t get the wanted chord resolution with zoom out ?
What chord resolution is possible with a 4/4 signature

Have you tried this yet?

There’s no limit to the number of chord symbols you can have in a given time signature, but the snap to grid functions are also in play.

Yes, the grid snap off makes it possible to add more chords!
So my question is solved , but for the 6 veritcal lines as beats to get i must use another signature 6/8 instead of 4/4 signature.
But that’s from the example

I think… Make sure you’re not using the click pattern to draw the grid lines:

Yes, metronoom click patterns is not activated now.


Set the Signature to 6/4 and set the Grid to Use Quantize and set the Quantize to 1/4.

I look at this too, i tried indeed already 6/4, but the rest ?


What do you mean, please?

Its solved i think