Chord selection is much harder

I am finding it much harder to select a chord by clicking on the stem than in the previous version. I almost invariably select more than what is intended. Is this by design and is there a better way to select a chord?

I’m finding it very difficult to select text frames (any frames, really) in engrave mode as well. Sometimes I have to click 4-6 times before the handles pop up.

no such problems here… I’m having this hunch there are now more problems on OSX than on Win…

There’s no difference between the Mac and Windows versions of Dorico in this regard.

I don’t believe we have changed the geometry of click areas for items like noteheads and stems, or indeed for frames, though I agree that they can be difficult to select at low zoom levels. There are certainly improvements I would like us to make in this area, concerning padding click areas at different zoom levels, but I’m not sure when we will have the chance to implement them.

I’m good on this again. I had inadvertently set the rastral size in layout options>page setup to some custom value by mistake and it caused all kinds of problems. I’ve set it to size 3 (7mm) and things work fine as before.