Chord Style preset request


today seems to be my requests day :slight_smile:
I found the Chord Symbols Preset very useful in Engrave Options and are a good starting point.
What do you think about adding a “create preset style from current configuration”…?
Often we made changing to the way chords are shown and could be very useful to save that in a recallable user named preset.
I know, there is a “save as default” but this affect all the engrave options and is not the same as a preset that meet different situations.
Anyway also a global engrave preset management could be an idea.

Just a request :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, tomateck2. Certainly we plan to make it possible more generally to move options and library items between projects in future versions, and although that probably won’t (at first, at least) extend to creating named user chord symbol presets, there would be nothing to stop you from creating a library file with a particular name to remind you of the chord symbol choices you’ve made in there so that you can apply them to other projects in future.

Thanks Daniel, I know that my suggestions can only meet a better concept idea developed from you and your team for future updates. In the meantime I’ll continue to tell you my suggestions requests :wink:
Ad usual, thanks for the reply.