Chord symbol added notes and altered notes order


is there a possibility to change the order of added notes and altered notes of a chord symbol?
I ended up seeing this chord symbol:

However I would like to have added notes and altered notes to be sorted like this:

Is this possible to achieve?

Thanks in advance!

Yeah, I’d prefer higher extensions on top and lower on bottom as well. There really should be options to accomplish this. That said, I find the 7 redundant as it’s included in the 13, so I would do it like this where a double stacked chord works fine:

There aren’t any options to preserve the baseline either, so I always tweak the double stacked chords in Engrave. I’d love to see options for that as well.

(One could make a case that the #11 isn’t necessary either in a 13th chord either, unless you explicitly want it played.)

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