Chord Symbol available fonts


I have been trying different type of fonts to get the look I like on my chord symbols. I noticed that I can change the “Chord Symbol Font” from the “Edit Font Styles” window to any font I have on my computer. However I could not find any font to work with the “Chord Symbol Music Text Font” which I believe that it is used only for the “flats” and the “sharp” symbols.

Is this correct? Or it is there a way to matched the style of the chords and the alterations?

Thank you.

At the moment, I don’t think there is any other font you could use for the ‘Chord Symbol Music Text Font’ font style, because it would need to be a SMuFL-compliant font with the accidental glyphs in specific locations; we haven’t yet published a version of the SMuFL specification that includes this range, so it would be highly unlikely that a font developer would have created a font with these characters included just yet.

Thank you, Daniel!