Chord symbol/barline collision

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I’m pretty sure this has been discussed before but I can’t find anything now.

Some advice on how to handle these collisions?

Altering the note spacing is a bit time consuming since there are hundreds of these in collisions.


You could perhaps override each affected chord symbol and set it to be right-aligned, since I believe that is possible to do via Properties. You will need to do each one manually, of course.

Yes, that’s of course possible.
Are there any future plans for handling these collisions automatically? (erase background…)

I would break the barlines between the two staves. If it is a piano part, having the brace with a full systemic barline at the start of the system shoud visually tie the two staves into a single system. This is done quite often, usually when there are lyrics between the treble and bass staves.

I run into this all the time. If you use a non-breaking space (ALT-160 in Windows) in Shift-X text with Erase Background selected it will hide the barline but not the chord symbol. A bit finicky to position correctly, but necessary for virtually any big band chart that doesn’t have a lead player playing the solo, as there will almost always be a collision with a barline at some point.

Just position the text like this:

I’ve requested an Erase Background feature for chords, and it is definitely needed to avoid workarounds such as this. This is also best to be done after you’ve gotten your layout set, because if the layout changes, the Shift-X text may move so it is no longer hiding the barline. I usually wait and do this near the end of working on an arrangement.

Dear Fredgunn,
I saw your workaround in Dan’s post (with the tie and the line) and now here… and I really like it! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully this kind of trick won’t be necessary in due course…

Thanks! I honestly had to test it with Dan’s post because I couldn’t remember exactly what items it works with. I use it in this situation all the time though.

Thanks Fred, that’ll work for now, in combination with centered chords (where possible…). :slight_smile:

System break isn’t really an option her since there are instrument changes all over. Then it’ll end up with one bar per page… :wink:

Thanks again FredGUnn, your workaround works excellent and is actually really quick.
After finishing the layout just walk through the part and copy/paste the blank spaces where needed. No more note spacing tweaking! :smiley:

Let’s hope for some Erase background even for chord symbols in the future.