Chord symbol bug

If I have G7 in one measure and G7/B in the next, it should say G7/B and not just /B. If however it’s in one measure, say two beats of G7 and two beats of G7/B, there’s no problem with using just /B.

By default Dorico will consider chord symbols in the current bar and the next when deciding if only the bass note should be drawn. You can change this behaviour in Engraving Options > Chord Symbols > Altered Bass Notes. Set the spinbox for ‘Show altered bass note only if next identical chord symbol is within the following:’ to 0 bars - then only chord symbols within the same bar will be considered.

I would like to add a twist to that:

If the next bar is after a numbered repeat ending, the chord should never just be written as an altered bass note, regardless of that setting. Consider the following: In the second repeat, we jump from Am7 to G/B, but Dorico writes that as just /B because there is a G right before that chord - but since that G is before a repeat, it doesn’t logically precede the G/B.

I consider this a bug, what do you think?

Pietzcker, that certainly looks to me like a bug, albeit a very understandable one. Let’s hope someone from the team picks up on it.