chord symbol in parenthesis feature request

Dorico does not simply allow a chord symbol to be placed in parenthesis. Instead it must be constructed in the chord editor. A chord symbol within parenthesis is a common way to express a passing or optional chord in an arrangement, and therefore should be allowed simple entry in the popover. Allowing this would be a huge time saver. Additionally, once a chord symbol has been altered within the chord editor (to be enclosed in parenthesis, for example) Dorico gets very sluggish when copying or moving that chord. So it becomes a double whammy on one’s productivity.

I agree here a 100% with ‘billscores’ and put this on my personal Dorico wishlist for 2019 and I even add a second wish:

  • It would be great for me, if I could change the slash chords font size manually. Meaning that the chord (on the left) has the normal size and the ‘slash’ itself and the ‘bass-note’ are a little bit smaller.
    Like this: Em/G
    So a menu for this would be highly apreciated!

I can confirm that making chord symbols parenthesised more easily is on our wish list for the future, but I can’t commit to a specific timeframe for its implementation.

Thanks for the bump up guys. I’m glad to hear this functionality is being considered for a future update. A know a lot of educators will welcome this ability too when it becomes available. When learning standards, my piano teacher use to write in diminished chords (in parenthesis) between just about every chord :slight_smile:

actually Daniel I had a second wish besides the parenthesis so I’m so free and quote myself:

That’s called stubborn … :blush:

Yes, I saw your wish. I don’t think that’s something we’re likely to be adding soon, I’m afraid.

Thanks for the answer and that’s not a problem, if it takes time. With me stubbornness goes with patience.

A chord symbol within parenthesis is a common way to express a passing or optional chord in an arrangement

I’m supporting this request vigorously :smiley:

My use case is the optional chord, as our Banjo player is still learning his way around. So I’d like to indicate those chords he can safely omit for now, but can add them to his playing once he is more fluent.

I think that Dorico 3 does not yet have this, is that correct?

Thanks for considering implementing this in the future,

Correct, there is no way at present to parenthesise a chord symbol. It is something we are considering for the future.

adding my voice to this request

It might not be ideal, but it is pretty easy just to add “( )” with Shift-X text and position it around a chord symbol. At least that’s how I’ve been doing it when needed.

A very-emphatic “+1” for the parentheses feature request.

Oh, please make this happen, Steinberg! +1 on the parentheses chord symbol request.

… and on the repeat chord ("%") symbol, please!

+1 on the parenthetical chords. I use it for optional reharms.

I agree - totally!! It’s also one of my TOP 3 feature wishes for Dorico. I frequently use these chord symbols in paranthesis so I hope Dorico will offer this soon :slight_smile:

+1 Definitely.

Yes please for parenthesis around chords. Essential for lead sheets.

Also alternate chords.


I just looked this up, and was amazed that it’s not a feature. Here are the shortcuts I tried, based on intuition derived from woking in Dorico:

  • Shift-Q (chord)
  • Shift-Q [chord]
  • Shift-Q chord, exit chord entry, select chord symbol, Properties panel, select Parentheses

Essential for lead sheets

Hi Todd, thanks for your suggestion! It’s not ideal, since the parenthesis have to be repositioned in every layout (unless I’m missing something), but it works fine as a workaround.

+1 for a future option to place parenthesis around chord symbols!

Yes please!