Chord symbol input with irregular meter

Hello all,

I have a 6/4 bar in an otherwise regular 4/4 song. There is no arrangement in the part I’m working on, the staff is still empty. Chord input popover (Shift Q) doesn’t allow me to enter chords for the last 2 quarter notes in the 6/4 bar - it moves directly to the next bar (using the space key). Also, the bar shows a whole note rest instead of a dotted whole note rest.
I’m on the brand new 2.2.10 version.

I haven’t tried to input notes first and inputting chords later, so I’ll check this once I’m finished with the chords, but I thought I should let you know.

Did you add the 6/4 AFTER you entered the next 4/4? If so, this is expected behaviour - Dorico can’t automatically add beats to a bar if there’s a time signature immediately following.
Either add the 6/4 with Insert mode turned on, or add it before you add a time signature to the next bar, or, if you’ve already got the 6/4 with a 4/4 following, put the caret somewhere inside the 6/4 bar, type Shift+B then 2/4

I suspect this is nothing to do with chord input at all, and it’s not a bug :wink:

Did you add the 6/4 AFTER you entered the next 4/4?

Hello Leo,
Thank you for responding so quickly!
No, I didn’t. I selected the barline and 6/4, only after that I did the same with the following bar but chose 4/4 again.
I deleted those two meters and created a 6/4 meter again. Funnily enough it now shows me this:
Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-06 um 20.36.02.png

What happens if you enter the Chord Symbols with the caret invoked?

A. Are there six quarter/crotchet beats in that bar?
B. Does Space advance the caret a quarter/crotchet beat, or does it take you a half/minim beat?

OK, I deleted the last empty bars altogether and created some new ones. Changing the meter to 6/4 didn’t show the expected dotted whole note rest. Double clicking the bar to input notes finally convinced the program to display the expected rest, but I had to double click each line individually.

Still, I cannot move chord input to the last two quarter notes of the bar – it still goes straight to the next bar.

Sorry, I didn’t see your last post…

If a measure doesn’t contain any notes then of course it will display a whole rest, not a dotted one. That’s convention!

I’ve just had a go here.
If you Space to advance the caret, it jumps a dotted minim/half (which is the beat in 6/4, as far as Dorico’s concerned).
If you use the right arrow key, it advances by the grid value.
I’m still not seeing anything that makes this a bug.


I entered some (six exactly) placeholder quarter notes into my 6/4 bar – chord input still doesn’t work for the last two of them, so I think there really is something fishy about chord input after all.

But thank you for pointing me to the convention.
Surprising result: I’ve learned that it is convention not to display dotted whole note rests in empty bars, but I managed to convince Dorico to do exactly this. I didn’t manage to have it let me input chord symbols though… who’d have thought… :confused:

Sorry, I was again late…

… Same behavior now in my staff. Didn’t know about the arrow key. It’s a bit awkward using this, because it serves at the same time to move within the popover text, so you have e.g. to hit it six times to leave – let’s say – a D7sus4 chord and again twice to get it to the next quarter note… but there’s a solution.

I’d like to delete the “bug report” in the title, but it works only for the initial post, not the entire thread.

Thank you for helping, Leo!

You can set the grid value to whatever you like - it doesn’t have to be quavers/eighths. It’s in the bottom left corner, or you can use Alt+[ and Alt+]

Oh, very cool indeed. Thanks again!