Chord symbol kudos

Kudos to Dorico for this: When I enter a chord symbol on a part or on the full score, I tried both, it automagically propagates that chord to the other staves that have chord symbols. I have always wanted my music software to do that. Thanks, Dorico. The time that will save me compared to 20+ years of hand-correcting chord symbols with Finale (don’t even talk about Finale’s chord symbols last time I looked), and Sibelius, is worth the price of admission.

Thanks for the positive feedback. We’d love it if you could take the time to record yourself saying that on your phone and send it to us at discoverdorico at steinberg dot de. We’re putting together a video for YouTube to encourage musician who are interested in trying Dorico but haven’t quite summoned the courage to jump in, and testimonials from other musicians tend to be very powerful and persuasive. Thanks for considering!

I hope you got my email with attached audio there in dot de. I’d like to see the final product if and when it is released.
If you did, I have a favor to ask of your folks: a 7-string classical guitar definition. That’s a 6-string guitar with the 7th tuned to low B (my choice), A, or C. Those are the ones I know of. The countries I know of that have great 7-string classical players are Brazil, Russia, and wherever people like me live. Of course you already know about 7-string steel-strung guitars. I ended up using the bass clef staff of Electric Piano for my 7-string guitar staves. The range is same as a guitar. The audio blends nicely with the (not bad, by the way) nylon-strung guitar sounds. It makes the song sound really cool, the trademark of Brazilian music since Jobim and before.

I must confess that I’ve never heard of seven-string classical guitars, but we can certainly look into adding some tunings for these instruments in future.


Maybe i am missunderstanding something here (it would not be the first time) but…
There is already a preset tuning for a 7 string guitar with the 7th in A (of course you can change the tuning of the string).
Create a new document from the solo guitar template, in setup mode open the edit string and tuning options, add a string with the “add a string at top” option, and in the dropdown compatible preset tunings, select the “low A seven string tuning”. change the tuning from the seventh string to B (or whatever you need) and in the compatible preset tunings you’ll see "no matching preset tuning, click ok and open the string and tuning options again, the tuning appears now as (project).
Save the file and use it as template.
If you want to writte in a gran staff add a staff below and change the clef.
Note that if you add more strings the presets change accordingly

That’s true, Rafael, you can do it in just two steps, because you can create a regular classical guitar and then change its tuning in the Edit Strings and Tuning dialog, but I think Ed would prefer that to be just one step.