Chord symbol offset

Currently, chord symbols can be graphically offset in Engrave mode and still remain linked in write mode. I am requesting a way that a single player’s chord symbol could be offset semantically, so that bar two of the attached picture is the default placement for the chord symbols, but the Dm7 chords remain linked across all instruments.

This behaviour is slightly different than simply moving them in Engrave mode because if the chord is offset by an 8th note in this case, it will always be aligned correctly to the rhythmic position below it, even if the layout and/or spacing changes.

The other solution is to use player specific chords (alt-enter in the chord symbol popover). This results in the chord alignment I want but without the chord symbols being linked. The feature I requested would allow both linked and automatic alignment.

Just a quality of life request while working on a big band project.

And “linked” would mean that if I change the Dm7 to a, say, Dm9, it would then update everywhere?
I think I support this!


Something like this would be very useful. For now I sometimes put the chords at both locations, so 1 and & of 1 in your example, then hide the one that isn’t needed in that staff. It’s an annoying extra step but it makes sure the alignment is always correct rather than manually adjusting them.