Chord symbol parentheses not copying over/being allowed in new flow

Bug? I selected and copied a passage of chord symbols in one flow into a new flow.

Parentheses do not copy over and furthermore I cannot even enter parentheses in the new flow.

I have not altered or customized the symbol in any manner.

What could be wrong?

Can you attach a project in which this problem can be reproduced?

Sorry Daniel, it took me a couple days to get back to this. Here is a zip file. I have not tried uploading attachments before, so let me know if this doesn’t work. Also, if it matters, this was a conversion from a musicxml originally created in Sibelius. Thanks much.

The Way I Feel Today Recording (1.6 MB)

There’s some funny Chord Symbol options in the Library Manager. I couldn’t get them to change, eg there were no options to copy over from Factory Settings.

  • Chord Symbol Appearance Components
  • Chord Symbol Appearance
  • Font Styles

Not sure why it works in one flow and not another, though

I’ve looked into this, and I’m afraid at the moment it’s not possible for the Parenthesized property to be copied and pasted beyond the current flow, or indeed in another layout. This is because of the way that these kinds of properties are stored for system-attached items like chord symbols that can appear on multiple staves: the way that Dorico stores which specific instance you’re setting the property on means that it can’t easily be translated to a new location. Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Is there a particular reason why we wouldn’t even be able to create a chord symbol with parentheses in the other flows of this project?

I don’t find that to be the case. I can activate the Parenthesized property for any of the chord symbols in e.g. the second flow. The only limitation on showing parentheses on chord symbols is that they can’t have an overridden appearance: if they’re overridden, Dorico doesn’t know how to add the parentheses in the right places.

Sorry if I was unclear.

If I select a position in Flow 1, click Shift-Q, then type a chord with parentheses eg “(A)” , I get (A) as the chord. If I do the same in Flow 2 I only get A; with no parentheses.

Yep, Daniel M, I am having that exact problem too, but Daniel S is not. I’m befuddled.


Based on @dspreadbury’s advice, are you certain the appearance in flow 2 isn’t subject to an override?

I am quite sure there is no override. I can do create parentheses in flow one, but not in subsequent flows. This in itself (I think) indicates that the problem is flow-related, rather than symbol-related. But maybe I am missing something.

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With thanks to @DanielMuzMurray for spelling things out in words of one syllable for ol’ thicko here, I can confirm that entering parentheses in the chord symbol popover for a new chord symbol won’t currently work in flows beyond the first in the project. This is a separate problem from that which prevents the parentheses on chord symbols being copied from one flow to another from appearing, and unlike that problem, it’s one we can reasonably straightforwardly fix. I’ll make sure this gets taken care of in a future update.


Daniel and Daniel, thank you very much!

Daniel, thanks much. I would suggest the second problem (copying parentheses) be addressed as well, sometime. Those who use chord symbols a lot are often working with strophic forms and trying to crank things out…although I understand there are workarounds, my preference is for maximum speed and simplicity. Kind regards from one of your many competing constituencies!