Chord symbol playback in iPad Dorico lead sheet

How do I get chord symbols to playback in Dorico for iPad? I can find no chord track in play mode.

At the moment, there’s no chord track in the iPad version’s Play mode, but this is definitely something we will add in a future version.


That’s great to hear, Daniel. This week, I was encouraging a pupil to use Dorico on their iPad to set up a backing track for them to improvise over. Playback of chord symbols would speed things up.

Hi, is there any change in this topic? Chord playback is very important feature for me - especially in early stage of writing. When we could expect this feature to be implemented? :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, @Garbus_Uchiha. There haven’t been any updates on this topic in the last two weeks, no. We hope to have the chord track implemented in Play mode in Dorico for iPad in the next release, but we can’t say for sure at this point.


I can now see the speaker icon on the chord track in the Play mode, however it is not playing chords on the iPad. I know that it does Play them in Dorico on the Mac - am I doing something wrong or is the feature not yet fully available on the iPad?

What instrument sound do you have assigned to the chord track?

That‘s the thing, It is Microsonic and I‘m not able to choose anything else than Microsonic…

You’re right, at present it doesn’t seem to be possible to select the track in order to choose what sound should be used. Let me check on this with my colleagues, and I’ll come back to you.


this doesn’t seem to be fixed with the new version of Dorico for iPad. Does it mean that I wouldn’t be able able to listen to the chord track on iPad even if I buy the lifetime app?

At the present time, that’s correct. We haven’t had a chance to update this in this release, but we will correct it as soon as we can.

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