Chord symbol playback in iPad Dorico lead sheet

You have not. This is something we have still not yet had a chance to work on.

Hi meanwhile it is November 2023 and still Not possible to assigne an Instrument or midi channel to the chord Track. It Seems you have a long backlog and wrong priorities.
Any possibilities to convert chord Track to midi (Like im cubase?

Are you absolutely certain of this? I mean, we are quite a number out there, and what’s obvious (if you do read the forum) is that none of us have the exact same priorities!
I’d say those priorities don’t match yours. We all have had that feeling from time to time!


If it’s that important, get the desktop version. One can even use the trial version for 60 days. Impugning the Development Team is lame.


Now November 2023 and still not able to playback the chord track??? - quote from July 2021 ‘At the moment, there’s no chord track in the iPad version’s Play mode, but this is definitely something we will add in a future version’.
How many more years do we have to wait? Or were you just fobbing us off?

I do believe Daniel @dspreadbury means what he says. It’s become obvious to me that the Steinberg iPad apps have small development teams to develop Dorico and Cubasis, and likewise, that’s due to financial constraints.
I’m using these apps for my own personal (non-commercial) use, so I’m just fine with the product/expense ratio, as is.
Would you all be happy if they had a Professional version and an Artist version? Let the Pros pay and get what they want and need and charge them accordingly?

The alternatives seem obvious:

  1. Get the Mac/Windows versions with the added expense of a computer and more expensive apps and plugins.
  2. Buy more expensive products from other vendors. What do other vendors offer on iPads that’s better or cheaper??
  3. Griping that doesn’t help anyone.

Take your pick!

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I’m sorry that this has still not been implemented in Dorico for iPad. We know there are many users waiting for this feature, and it remains on our backlog for future implementation.

New to Dorico, though not to notation software. I am using it on the iPad, mostly because I like using the iPad. Logic for iPad opened my eyes and ears to the possibility of doing most of my composing work on the iPad, which is not only convenient, but because of the touch interface, causes me to think differently. Which I like.

So I’m working on a big band chart, and chord playback is definitely something I would like. I actually started this chart in MuseScore, but I think Dorico on iPad is a little easier to use.

The comments about dev team size in this thread are interesting. I think the iPad is poised to become a serious platform for content creation, obviously Apple thinks so. I’m not giving up my Mac, but I haven’t turned it on for over a week.

I believe Steinberg has an opportunity to make some real advancements here. But persistent long term bugs and missing features will definitely hold progress back. Please add this feature soon.

/Steve Keller

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Hi Steve! Welcome to the Dorico for iPad Community!

I appreciate your enthusiasm for the iPad and Dorico for iPad. In my case, my old MacBook Pro broke and the iPad was all I could afford at the time. I thought I was really going to miss the Mac. Much to my surprise, I’ve fallen in love with the iPad. Like you, it’s touch screen, portability, and convenience are great. I got the Apple Smart Keyboard for my iPad and when that’s connected I feel like I’m using a laptop of sorts (if only the keyboard had function keys :frowning:).

That was my dev team comment you referred to, and it’s a guess on my part, but I give Steinberg a lot of credit for being first to move their big products to the iPad. Just like Cubase was the first DAW, I guess they wanted to be first again. And like you, I’ve used other notation software and I really like how Dorico works. One tip I can share about using it on iPad, which you may have already discovered. Seems that there’s at least 3 different ways to do most things in Dorico, so you can always find one that works best for you, or best for you in that moment.

This app reminds me of how Apple Numbers works, too, in that if I’m trying to do something and it’s not in the Help, I go look at how it’s done on the Mac version. Low and behold, many times the method in the Numbers User Guide for Mac, works in Numbers for iPad, too, just not documented. I’ve found the same thing a time or two in Dorico between their Mac and iPad version, which is always pleasant to discover.

I deliberately didn’t take their lifetime subscription, cause I believe they need steady cash flow to grow. I wish more people would subscribe to help them get the financial resources. That may be all they need to give everyone the features they want and need.

Best wishes composing in Dorico for iPad, @Steve_Keller !


Thanks John!

I’m writing a big band chart, first time I’ve done that in Dorico. As I may have mentioned, I have used MuseScore on my Mac, and it’s equally frustrating and exciting. I’m finding good approaches to things for most of the stuff I want to do, and workarounds for things that don’t seem to work correctly.

I’m keeping notes on what I’ve found, including a couple of bugs, and will start a different thread on my findings and questions.

Like you, I opted for a subscription, but not for the same reason. I bought a year’s worth, with the idea that if I still like the software a year from now, I’ll renew or buy a perpetual license. As a now retired software developer, I am fundamentally opposed to the idea of subscriptions. I’ve been bitten too many times by situations where a company goes out of business, leaving me with a perfectly useable tool that I can’t use because the license has expired. I prefer the permanent license model for a specific version, and the company charges for upgrades. I know that’s not the trend today, but oh well.

In any case, I really like working on the iPad. I too have a keyboard, but never use it. As I mentioned, my thought processes are different when using Logic on the iPad vs. Logic on my computer. I hope Steinberg continues to advance this software specifically for iPad, and maybe integrates the pencil more. I do like using the pencil :slight_smile:

Thanks for your good wishes, and back atcha!


Hi, I bought Dorico for iPad the moment I was aware of it and just wanted to add my vote for chord playback! I love Dorico and would love to see/hear this implemented.

I wish you all a Happy New Year 2024!
It would be great if this feature could be implemented in 2024, which would be a wonderful New Year’s resolution :slight_smile:
Many users would be happy and this thread could finally be closed after three years.
Dorico is great, but this feature would also be very important to me.

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Yes, indeed - for the mobile version, I think the ChordSymbolPlayback is one of the most important for on the go. Please ask the development department accordingly for the implementation - we are at version 5.1 !!!

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