Chord Symbol popover in 5/4 advances oddly

When I’m entering chord symbols in 5/4 using the popover, the spacebar advances the popover by 3 quarters, then two quarters. Shouldn’t it advance by 1 quarter note?

I realize I can use the right arrow key, but my grid is usually set to 16th notes, so it’s a lot of tappity-tap.

Agreed. You can see the divisions Dorico is using for the chord input with the long vs. short hash marks when the input cursor is active. 6/4, 7/4, and other meters have the same issue. In 5/4 setting the meter to [1+1+1+1+1]/4 fixes this, but of course makes extra beaming work. I too would love to see the chord cursor always just advance by quarter notes in meters divisible by a quarter, or at least have this be available as an option. Having the chord cursor advance by the bottom metrical value, the note value that receives the beat, would probably be the option I would most often want to select if available.

Space advances by a beat. Dorico considers 5/4 to be an irregular compound meter, so there are two beats in the bar.

I understand how it works, and it is displayed clearly enough from the long and short hash marks, but I still would like to see an option that advances by the bottom metrical value. That is definitely the option I personally would use the majority of the time.

Perhaps one could set the grid to quarter notes (when one is entering chords) and use the arrow keys. That doesn’t seem to be asking so much. Some folks have a shortcut or even StreamDeck button set to make grid alterations easier.

Sure, I have grid alterations set to 1 and 2, so it’s easily worked around. I’m posting this more out of a desire to keep helping to improve the UI.

Finale’s default is to have the chord input cursor advance to the next division of the bottom metrical value and/or the next note that has been input in that layer. That seems like a pretty useful option as one could often want to attach a chord to a basic division of the beat or a previously input note (if it is syncopated from the basic beat). I think I would prefer this as an option, although just having it default to the bottom metrical value (and then back or forward arrow to the note) would be fine too.