Chord symbol question from a noob

Hi gang. I have done a few searches, and there’s a lot of chord symbol dialog on here- and it’s all been helpful. I, as a new user, think I’ve hit on something that may not be covered. I haven’t quite figured out a work around.

Working with, I’m creating a big band chart- imported over from a competing software. In my 2nd trumpet part, I have a solo section wherein there is a simple melodic guideline that I want the soloist to improvise around. Think of at as a “lead sheet” within a big band arrangement if that makes sense.

Where I have slash regions, I have found how to show the chord symbols in the slash regions only. I’m 90% there. In this “lead sheet” like section, I have standard pitches and have not yet figured out how to show the chord symbols in these bars. I realize this may not be a common notation/compositional technique, so I guess the answer may be a second voice or something like that. I did try adding a slash voice, so that I showed the standard pitches and slashes but that didn’t work.

All the best
(FWIW, I have no idea how I would have accomplished this in my legacy software either)

Just apply a Chord Symbol Region to those bars and the chords should show.

Thanks so much FredGUnn. That was indeed the method. I had not learned that there is a difference between a chord symbol region and a slash region, but I know that now thanks to you.