Chord Symbol Region Bug - applying to mixed regions

Chord Symbol Regions apply correctly when applying to one other type of region, such as Slash or Bar Repeats, but don’t apply correctly when applying to mixed regions. To reproduce:

  1. New From Template/Jazz/Jazz Quartet
  2. 4/4, add 20 bars
  3. Using Galley View, in the Bass part apply a Slash Region in bar 1, Bar Repeat in bar 2, then a Slash Region in bars 3-8.
  4. Copy the regions you just created into the Trumpet part.
  5. Select bars 1-8 in the Trumpet part and apply a Chord Symbol Region

The region erroneously extends 5 bars and 3 beats (I think) past the 8 bars you selected.

As a somewhat related comment, if the user clicks the C7 icon on the right hand side, it just opens the popover. Now that chord symbol regions exist, shouldn’t it open both the option to create chord symbols and the way to create a chord symbol region? Other regions like Rhythm Slashes and Bar Repeats, have an option like “Create Bar Repeats” available by selecting the icon on the right hand side. When the only chord option was just to create chords, the current method made sense, but if chord regions are an important part of using chord symbols in Dorico, I would think they should be accessible via the right panel too. Just a suggestion.

Thanks for reporting the selection issue; that’s caused not by the mixture of slash regions and repeat bar regions, but just by the slash region: it’s incorrectly adding on the duration of the whole region to each selected slash within the region, which makes it overshoot. We’ll fix this in due course.

We don’t have any current plans for a chord symbols panel on the right-hand side in Write mode, but it’s conceivable we may add one in a future version.

In all honesty, I assigned Shift-Alt-Q to assign a chord symbol region as soon as it was available, so being able to display it through the right panel has no bearing on my workflow at all. It just seems like for the sake of consistency it should be available.