Chord Symbol Region Bug

When using Alt-click to copy a chord symbol region, the destination staff changes color and the region appears to have copied, but no chord symbols actually appear.

To recreate this:

  1. New From Template/Jazz/Big Band
  2. Enter a chord symbol in the Piano part
  3. Select Alto Sax. 1 and apply a chord symbol region
  4. With the region still selected, Alt-click it into Alto Sax. 2

The region copies, but no chord symbol will appear in Alto 2.

Copying and pasting a chord symbol region doesn’t go and change the setting for that player in the Chord Symbols submenu in Setup mode: I’m not sure whether it should. You could make the argument, certainly. But at the moment it’s not designed to do this: you have to go and tell Dorico that you want chord symbols to show up in chord symbol regions.

Ok, thanks for the explanation. As chord symbol regions aren’t a notation element (i.e. don’t actually show up in printed parts or score), and just an instruction to tell the program where chords should show, it does seem pretty counter intuitive that the chords won’t show in this case. I definitely would like to request that this action would result in the chords showing in the future.

I guess I also wasn’t really aware that there were different hierarchies of actions in Dorico where actually creating something gets a different result than copying it somewhere else. Maybe I’m forgetting something, but after a quick look through all the “Create” items in the Write menu, nothing sticks out. Are there any other elements where creating them produces a different result than copying them? Or are chord symbol regions unique in this regard?

Also, I know I’ve requested the ability to assign chord symbol regions to multiple staves at once before, but if copying an existing region produces a different result than creating one, this request seems even more useful now. Thanks!

Chord symbol regions are probably the only thing that are special in this way. I’ll take a look to see what it would take to add some special case handling such that we can catch the case of pasting a chord symbol region as well as creating one.

Thanks Daniel!