chord symbol region

Hello everyone,

Please I need help avoiding printing the grey bar line below the chord symbol when using “chord symbol region.”

Thank you.

I didn’t know this “chord region line” could be printed!
In Print mode, check at the bottom right panel which options are set (colour, etc…) But I wonder why would anyone want to print this!

Thank you Marc!

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I make videos of my scores for youtube. The problem is that there seems to be no way to hide the grey line… I want the playhead to follow the music - so I can’t do this in print mode - the only mode where hiding is possible. Is there a way to hide the line???

No, I’m afraid you can’t hide the chord symbol region line.

I hope hiding this line will be taken into consideration for the future because trying to edit notes that share the same vertical space as a chord symbol region line is a pain as the line often gets selected instead of the clicked note.

You can easily change the selection when clicking, using alt-shift-click at the same spot. Each time, a different object near that location will be selected. Very useful when you’re dealing with frames, notes in chords, etc…