Chord symbol show/hide/input bugs

Hello friendly people, I have a score with 9 instruments and want my global chords to show for only two of them. But whatever I do in the Players Panel in Setup Mode, no context menu appears for any of the players giving me that option.

My work-around (putting in local chords for those two players) also doesn’t work, as local chords simply don’t show for any of my double-staff instruments (accordion & marimba).

This is all on a fine-working Macbook Pro 2015 (German keyboard), MacOs 10.15.7, Dorico

Any ideas? Thanks!

Yet the answer is still in Setup mode > right click the player > Chord symbols > Show for all instruments (held by that player — that’s the implicit part you might have missed) for the two players that should show the chords, and Hide for all instruments for the other players. So you have to perform this operation for all players to make sure it’s properly set.
You’ll notice it’s already correctly set on for rhythmic players and off for the others.
Hope it helps!

Thanks for the quick help, Marc - I hadn’t missed instructions, but a new install did the trick now…

Still no luck entering local chords for accordion though - am I missing something here maybe?

There’s no particular reason why it should be impossible to enter local chord symbols for the accordion specifically. Are you able to attach the project in which you’re having problems, and provide some steps to reproduce the problem?

I thought this wasn’t default. :wink:
Strangely, this appears for double-staff instruments only, single staff ones work fine for local chords.
My steps in Write mode: Select note → Shift+Q → Alt+Cmd → Write chord in popover → Enter.
(I didn’t change anything in the players context menus.)

Can I send the project somewhere directly? I’d prefer to not share it publicly…

Your steps seem rather weird to me… For local chords, you should Select note or invoke caret, shift+Q, write chord in popover, alt-enter. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

Sorry, I’m doing Alt+Cmd**+L** to change the popover to local chords… if the popover is global, the Alt+Enter results in the same problem, no local chord symbol showing for double-staff players (single staff again working fine)

IIRC, the chords are attached to the treble staff in a grand staff instrument. Chances are you are hiding (or have removed) that top staff, then no chords are showing. This is a known issue, that has been reported quite some time ago. Is it your case?

Definitely not my case… all active and used and showing. I worked around the issue with global chords now, will search further and watch if the issue shows up again in the next projects. Thanks!