Chord symbol text

Whasup squad! I would like to change the text component in chord symbols, specifiacally major seventh chords, and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. In the chord symbol appearances editor I seem to be able to change literally anything (move things around, scale etc etc) - except the thing I want to change, which is get rid of the ‘j’ in maj. All I wanna do is delete that one letter. How???!!!???

Hopefully this is what you’re looking for–

  1. From the window you posted, double-click the “maj” part of the chord symbol, which will pop open the Chord Symbol Component editor window.
  2. Delete the “maj” with the trash can. Type the text you want in the panel at the right, and then click “Add Text.”

There’s already an engraving option for MA7, but I’m guessing you’re wanting to get the “ma” lowercase.

What James said:

Note that by editing the component it updates everywhere that uses that component (e.g. the Cma7 and the Cma9 in my sample bars too.)

Thank you, guys! Is here a way to make this my global default setting, so I don’t have to do it from scratch for each new project?

There’s a Save As Default button in the bottom left corner of the dialog.

That worked, thank you, Leo, I appreciate your help!