Chord symbol - the 7 does not appear

Last Dorico Pro on Mac (Ventura).
Everything started 2-3 days ago.
When I try to write by popover C7, Cmaj7, Cdim7 - the 7 does not appear.
When I write D7sus - D7/4 appears.
Chord symbol preset: default, also custom.
In older version files and in my old (week ago, same Dorico version) files it works - there’s no such problem, everything appears correctly, and I can write correctly.
It’s very strange… What do I miss?
I decided to reinstall Dorico, and there was no change.
When I create a new project from the template - the same problem: for example, Dm7 becomes only Dm…
Maybe the problem is with new projects from a new template or settings!?
The 7th miss.dorico (455.3 KB)

Daniel, please…
I Need help urgent!
Thank you all!


I don’t have access to my laptop and I have no idea if it will make any difference, but have you tried resetting any or all settings in the Library Manager? To Default or Factory?

I think in the process of customising the D7/4 appearance the normal “7” has been defined as being invisible. If you go into Library Manager and look at the music symbols list (with Show: Differences on) you can see what’s been modified. I’d try resetting those symbols in Library Manager:

Thank you all!
Resetting all settings in the Library Manager to Factory settings helped for this particular project!
But… when I create a new project from template, again the same problem.
Do I have to reset to Factory settings every time I create a new project?
Is it also possible that I have done something in the settings that stays and interferes with new projects?

Go to the Library > Chord Symbols dialog and see what app-wide defaults you have defined. Perhaps some of these also need to be reset.

Many, many thanks Daniel!
Library > Chord Symbols>
I deleted the D7/4 left there (my bad intervention), then Reset to Factory and voila, the 7th appeared!

Have a nice day!

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