Chord Symbols above Treble & Bass Clef in piano

Is it possible to input chord symbols as in the enclosed example in piano staves.
Cannot find a solution. Dorico 4.1.10

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Chord Symbols Treble & Bass Clef.pdf (35.8 KB)

Not in an automated way, no. You’d need to tell Setup mode to display chord symbols everywhere for the piano player (the default “Rhythm section instruments” will do fine; “Chord symbol and slash regions” won’t), then input the chords as normal, then select the ones you want below and set them to go below using the property:

Another option is to not start with a grand staff piano, and instead start with a Sketch Treble or Bass staff, add another staff with Staff/Add Staff Above or Below, then fix the brace. You can then have complete control over where and when the chords show.


Many Thanks to pianoleo and FredGUnn for the prompt answers to my question.
Both solutions are applicable in this case.
I hope Dorico will sometime in the future have the capability to enter the
chords on both staves in a flexible way like in other notation programs.

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