chord symbols and diagrams cohabitation

is there a way to select which chord of many chord symbols will be set as a chord diagram ?

Sorry, I’m not completely sure I understand the question: are you asking if there’s a way to specify exactly which chord shape should appear by default for a given chord symbol? If so, then the answer is “no”, though Dorico will automatically choose the last shape you chose for a particular chord diagram when that chord symbol occurs again.

sorry if I was not clear
how do I proceed If I only want 2 chord diagrams shown on a staff full of chord symbols ?

I think I would select all the chord symbols, then deselect the ones I want to keep shown. With the unwanted ones selected, go to Properties>Chord Symbols>Hidden. There may be a slicker way, but this works.

on a staff:
Chord symbol Chord diagram Chord symbol Chord symbol etc

Ah - I see. Not sure, sorry.

You can’t (currently) do that. Chord diagrams will always be shown if they are chosen to show for the player.

For my guitar students I only show diagrams when absolutely needed and only once for a specific voicing

will have to cheat on Dorico for a hopefully short time … :wink:

I would also really like to see a feature where you could decide to show/hide a diagram for certain chord symbols rather than just all chord symbols having diagrams or none of them having diagrams.

Is this something that could be implemented in the future, or has this been looked at since this post was created?

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Yep, I’m really looking forward to this functionality as well.

It’s certainly been requested before and is on our backlog for future consideration.

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