Chord symbols and meter change

Hi, I have a lead sheet that was written in 4/4 and I need to change it to 3/4 and I want the chord symbols to stay at the beginning of the bar. When I do so Dorico still shows the chords every four beats meaning each chord goes further away from the downbeat (Dorico also adds an extra bar for the remaining beats). Is there an automatic way to achieve what I want?


4/4 example
נפשי בשאלתי ועמי בבקשתי.dorico (712.8 KB)

3/4 example
נפשי בשאלתי ועמי בבקשתי - Copy.dorico (650.6 KB)

Here’s the best that I can come up with:

  • fill all bars with whole notes
  • turn on global Insert Mode
  • select the first note
  • turn it into a dotted half note
  • select the next note
  • turn it into a dotted half note
  • repeat as needed
  • change the meter and remove the notes

It’s still a bit of work, but better than nothing. Inconveniently, it is not an option to just change all notes at once.

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When makes large-scale changes, that often means major effort. That’s not something a program can likely anticipate or offer to do in one or two clicks.

Plan ahead, and if one decides a major change is required, “bite the bullet.”

Thanks, I wonder why when I select the notes and chords together and hit 7 twice (or use the poopies+alt+left arrow) the chords stay in the same position. The method you suggested works only when I shorten each note separately

You use … … … the whatnow? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

hahaha this is a weird autocorrect (I meant shift of course)