chord symbols and non-rhythmic instruments


I am arranging some pieces for

  • trumpet (jazz musician)
  • tenor saxophone (jazz musician)
  • e guitar (jazz musician)
  • e bass (jazz musician)
  • two keyboards (jazz musician)
  • drum set
  • one percussion player
  • two violins
  • violoncello
  • piano

I should input chord symbols for jazz musicians.
As far as I understand, Dorico allows attaching chord to

  • all instruments or
  • all rhythmic instruments
    via Setup mode.

The problem is that trumpet and tenor saxophone are not rhythmic instruments.
I think the only way to do is as follows:

  1. showing chord symbols for all players.
  2. inputting chords on piano staff for example
  3. selecting all chords on non-jazz musician players and non-pitched percussion instruments
  4. hide all items selected in step 3

I think the process is somewhat clumsy.
Could anyone suggest a better way to do it?

No, that’s not what “rhythmic instruments” means in setup. You can right-click on the instrument in question, go to Chord-Symbols–Show for all instruments. It won’t show all symbols on all staves, just means that it’ll always show chord symbols on THAT instrument’s staff.

Ah, the expression “all instruments” means “all instruments of the player”!