Chord symbols and spacing

I have Dorico 4 (Elements) and have been struggling with chord symbols and their automatic placement over my measures.

The thing is that I currently am composing for an orchestra, and I want to write out the chord symbols/harmony over the measures for my own sake when composing, but every time that I write out a chord symbol over a measure it pops up and appears over multiple measures which is not necessary in my case, I would it to just pop over the top player/measure and leave the rest of the vertical measures clean and blank (and not for the same chord symbol appear over every measure).
If I try to delete a chord symbol of one of the lower measures all in that vertical line disappear, so it seems like the symbols are not independent from each other.
So how do I achieve independent chord symbols so that I can place one on the top without it appearing over every player?

My current project have 16 players so these chord symbols over every bar makes it look extremely blurry and ugly, the symbols are basically “over” the measure because of how compact everything is.

Thanks in advance.

In Layout Options, on the Chord Symbols and Diagrams page, you can specify that chord symbols should only appear above the top staff of the system.

In general, you can determine on which staves chord symbols will appear in the Players panel in Setup mode:

Thank you! This was a very easy fix!

Though I have to say now that I still have a problem when it comes to space, when I put dynamics over all of my players, due to the compact score with many players some of the dynamics lies over the measure and covers the notes basically.

How would you recommend to fix this?

Some combination of increasing the page size, decreasing the space/rastral size (both on the Page Setup page of Layout Options), and increasing the ideal gaps on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options.