Chord Symbols behave weird

Hey Everybody,

I have some weird issues with chord symbols.

For a while 50% of the time it wasn’t possible to use the midi keyboard to enter Chor Symbols… Couldn’t work it out… Typed it in… done.

Today I have the problem, that suddenly Chord Symbols do not appear in all dedicated Intruments, which is new, weird, and pretty annoying, because the workaround is pretty time intensive.

I couldn’t find out, yet, when Chords appear in all dedicated instruments and when they only appear in one… (Sometimes its the bass, sometimes a guitar, sometimes an instrument that isn’t even supposed to have chord symbols).

This happens in several different projects.
Some of them got there Chord Symbols a while ago and worked fine until today, some got there Symbols just today.

Im kind of confused and would highly appreciate any hint how I can fix this.
Maybe I messed up the Chord Settings by accident? Can I reboot them?

Hope someone can help.

Best regards,


Welcome to the forum @StephanK1! In Dorico, chord symbols are similar to system objects in that the same chord symbol can be used on multiple staves (so the guitar, bass, and pianist all know that in bar 2, they should play Gmaj7, for example). This means you only have to input chord symbols once, but then control where they appear on a per-player basis. (Note that the options for each player refer to instruments, because a single player can hold multiple instruments.) You can also hide/show them in layouts.

If chord symbols in your project are not appearing where you’d expect, it’s possible you’ve input some local chord symbols - that is, chord symbols that only belong to one player. These are useful if e.g. the bass player needs a simpler chord than the pianist, or a different chord entirely on the same beat in the same bar. If you delete a local chord symbol, any global chord symbol at that position should appear automatically. If you want any specific advice on your project, feel free to share it (or a cut-down version of it that just includes the relevant bars) here in this thread.

Sorry for my late reply.

Thank you so much!!

I’m using Dorico now for over a year pretty excessive, but its the first time I stumbled over Local Chords :grinning:

Again: Thank you!

Best, Stephan