Chord symbols - Bug...?

A couple chord symbol related questions and possible bugs (see the attached pic)

Bar 55: I want a C6/9(#11) The first one is the result of typing into the popover and the 2nd when playing on the midi keyboard.

Bar 56-57: The first chord in each bar is the result of playing on my midi keyboard and the 2nd when typing into the popover. They should appear stacked vertically with one parentheses.

Bar 58: What should I play on the midi keybord to get this chord, or isn’t it possible?

Bar 59: This is not a big deal, but I’d like to have C9(sus4), with the parentheses.

Also Maj7(#5)-chords displays wrong when entering them with midi keyboard. (The first on is with midi keyboard and the 2nd is entered in the popover.)

Have you played with the chord symbol settings in Engraving Options? It’s all extensively customisable, and the chances are that your needs are already catered for. You could also start by reading the relevant section of the manual, here: if you haven’t already.

yes, I’ve done all the settings in Engraving options, so that the chords looks as I like them. The problem, which to me looks as a bug, is that the chord layout for some specific chords looks different if I’m creating them in the popover or with the midi keyboard. (e.g. 7(#5 b9), 7(#5 b9), maj7(#5), maj(#5 #9) and probably some more I havent tried yet.)

The quite common chord 6/9(#11) isn’t possible at all to create. Typing C69#11 into the popover results in C6(#11 add9) and playing it on the midi keyboard results in C6(add#11 add9)

I can’t find any settings that fixes this or am I missing someting? :nerd:

You should certainly check the settings in the Note Input Options dialog, if you haven’t already.

Dorico doesn’t provide a means of forcing a specific chord symbol to be shown when you play a particular chord: and of course there are often multiple ways to voice a given chord, or indeed multiple different names for the same combination of pitches, so there is only a limited extent to which you can influence exactly what Dorico will produce when you play on your MIDI keyboard.

Hmm, but as you see in my first post, the same chords, with the same spelling, have different layouts depending on input method, e.g. 7(#5 b9). I haven’t found any setting that can correct the layout of those chords created with the midi keyboard as I mentioned in the posts above.

And when it comes to the 6/9(#11) I don’t know how to get that one., neither with midi keyboard nor in the popover. 9(#11) & 13(#11) works fine, but not 6/9(#11).

I’ll have to ask Michael about 6/9(#11) – once you get into those extended voicings you’re beyond my limited understanding of jazz theory.

Daniel, this chord origins from the same lydian scale as maj7(#11) but with the maj7 excluded in the voicing, which is common practice when for example the melody appears on the root. :slight_smile: