Chord symbols - Change position of alterations (global)

Dear Dorico Community,

Between projects, I’m just revisiting my default template and I was working on the default chord appearance.

In the forum I discovered that I could edit a component in the “Project default chord symbol appearances” and this way the changes affect all roots. This saved me a lot of time and is way more flexible than hundreds of chord overwrites.

I’m almost done but I can’t figure out how to get the positioning of the alterations (b9, #9, #11) aligned with the options (7, 6). (I want the alterations slightly higher.)

Unfortunately editing the alteration in “Project default chord symbol appearances” does only affect a single root…

I also tried several options in the Engraving Options but I didn’t find a way to change the positioning there.

I really would like to avoid to create an overwrite for every single root and every possible alteration as this would literally lead to 100 custom chord overwrites…

Any ideas how to position the alterations? - I was also trying to do the changes through a modified “.doricolib”-File but the changes I made didn’t change the position either…

Any help would be great!

Thanks a lot!


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