Chord Symbols (I don't find a way to make what I want)

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I don’t know if it is a super simple question, but I’m struggling with Chord Symbols. I was used to the way Finale works with Chord Symbols and I find It very convenient for the style of music I usually work (between contemporary detailed music and jazz).
In Dorico when I write Chord Symbols they appear in all the rhythm section instruments. I know I can activate and deactivate in which instruments the chords do appear, but It is not enough for me because the instruments that need the Chord Symbols are changing continuously in my music. Sometimes is only the guitar for just two eight notes, then the double bass for a solo, then a violin for soloing.
Is there any way to fix this?
Thank you very much in advance!!


You should use Chord symbols Regions !


Thank you very much MarcLarcher! I think this will be perfect.

The procedure will be deactivating absolutely the chord symbols from all the players and then write chord regions where I need them?
If I have a piece with 10 flows (10 more to be written) can you think of an easy way of passing from the chords that I already wrote (without chord regions) to chord regions?

Thanks again!

The chords will automatically appear in chord symbol regions, if you entered them in any other instrument with the chord symbols pop over.

Thank you very much Nukkul!

I’m finding problems when I have music notated and I want to write chords over it. It seems that I can’t create a chord region over written music? I really would need it. I very often write an specific arrangement for guitar or piano and like writing Chord Symbols over it in order to make it easier to understand for the player or making easy to change my arrangement if needed during rehearsals.

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You should be able to create a region over notated music.
Select the notes or bars, where you want to have the region and Write > Create Chord Symbol Region

Thank you very much, I’m using as you explained and I’m very happy. I would like to know if it is possible to set the “Show in chord symbol and slashed regions” for all the instruments with a single action. I’m finding myself going instrument to instrument in a score for 70 musicians changing this option.

Thank you very much in advance!