Chord symbols in whole Full Score but only in chord regions in Parts

Hello everyone,

I hope that there is not already a thread on this topic. Otherwise I would like to ask for a hint to it.

I want to show chord symbols above the piano staves in the full score for the whole score - but in the piano part the chord symbols should only appear in chord regions. I can’t figure out a way to do it.
The “Show in Chord Symbol and Slash Regions” property is affecting both, the full score and the part.

Has anyone know a solution?


You could try going to the part, making sure properties are set to local, selecting all the chords you want hidden, and then hide them?

In your case it might be easier to just hide all the chords and then select the chords you want visible (using the signposts) and then unhide.

@DanielMuzMurray Thanks. Yes, that would be possible workaround. Would be great to have the possibility to set the properties differently for full score and parts.