chord symbols kerning

Hi there,

in Dorico 1.2 I noticed a small change in the chord symbols kerning. Especially slashes are too close to the preceding character. The effect is “almost ok” with the Academico font…
Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-07 um 00.32.53.png
…but it gets a little weird with other fonts, when I reopen documents created in Dorico 1.1:
Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-07 um 00.34.25.png
Here’s how that same bar looked like in Dorico 1.1:

Is anybody else having these issues?

I spotted that something was weird earlier this evening, but hadn’t clocked that it’d changed from previous versions.
So yes, confirmation it’s not just you.

Yes, it looks like one of the improvements we’ve made to allow the editing of individual components of chord symbols has had an undesirable knock-on effect of the position of some components of chord symbols. We’re looking into this. If you can bear looking at the current poor appearance, I would advise not intervening beyond perhaps adjusting the options in Engraving Options for the gaps between different components – I suspect that when we fix this problem, if you’ve tweaked the appearances individually in the graphical editor, you’ll have to go through and tweak them all again.

No problem, Daniel, and thanks for your feedback! The project that I took as an example was already finished and exported to PDF, so there’s no need to rework it. Looking forward for the fix, though.