Chord Symbols not displaying properly in Dorico 4.2 Elements

I’ve just updgraded to Dorico 4.2 Elements (a very complicated process), opened a Dorico 3.5 Elements creation, alowed Dorico to update it to Dorico 4 and find that the chord symbols now display without sharps or flats. For example, what was “Abm9” now displays as “A m9”. Double-clicking on the chord symbol in order to edit it, brings up the original WITH the sharp or flat, but it’s not displayed as part ot the music…
The other gripe is that the quick link on the right hand menu to create chord syumbols has disappeared… It used to be on the rhs with the key signatures/time signatures/tempos etc.

Welcome to the forum @GuitarGeorge ! Have you restarted you computer after installing Dorico 4? That’s necessary to update fonts.

Nope. That may help with the chord display, but how can I get the quick link to chord input back?
Impressed with the fast response.
The installation process didn’t mention anything about restarting. I’ll do that now and let you know if (when) it works… thanks

I missed your second question about the Notations toolbox – in Dorico 4, there’s now a toggle that switches the Notations toolbox between showing panels and showing popovers. There isn’t a chord symbols panel, so the button only appears when Popovers is selected at the top (the keyboard icon).

More info here

OK the restart has fixed the problem with the flats and sharps missing. Great Thanks.
Ahh, magic, I have my chord symbol button back. Brilliant, thanks.
I’m now a happy musician.