Chord symbols not following engraving rules

I’m having a weird issue where my chord symbols are not honouring the “Position of accidental relative to alteration” engraving rule. If I have it set to “Before alteration” I get a mixed bag of before and after, and if I have it set to “After alteration” the alterations disappear completely!

I have tested this in a new file and it doesn’t seem to be happening, so something is wrong with my file I assume. Resetting to factory defaults does nothing to help. I can email my file through if that’s of use.

Well turning it off and on again seemed to do the trick! Just quit Dorico and reopened and the problem has vanished. Not sure what was causing it… case closed I guess?

This kind of bug is not unheard of. Normally the problem will indeed disappear after closing and reopning the project, which makes troubleshooting and fixing it once and for all difficult.