Chord Symbols on Bass (lower) piano stave

How Do I get chord symbols to appear above the lower stave of a piano (to write a 2-system lead sheet)?

Thanks - and sorry if this question was asked often before!

I believe you would need to fake it: create two single-staff instruments, and add a bracket in Engrave mode. Then you can add the chord symbols to both.

Dan’s wrong (sorry Dan!). See the tip at the bottom of this page: Changing the staves above which chord symbols appear

Thanks! Found the tip in engraving options!

But I like Dan’s way too… and it isn’t really “wrong” :wink:
At least it’s possible to use differend playback sounds that way which might help from time to time.

If I go with single-staff instruments, which one would you use? I will replace the sound source anyway but I want to make sure there is no range limit which shows me red notes. I’m writing for band (lead sheet) with orchestra on top so for the orchestral instruments the range limit might be hepful.

Ah, sorry. I misread your original post and thought you wanted chord symbols above both staves.

I usually just use a lead instrument, but it does have a range limitation. I never turn it on though.

I was fine with a banjo for treble and a 6-string bass as my source instruments for the lead sheet. No range limits so far.

Next problem: when I want to print the lead sheet part I have to connect both instruments into a single page. I added a new score layout on the right side of the setup page with all instruments deactivated except the two needed staves. But now my lead sheet is formatted for DinA3 and has the staff size of a complete score (very small). Where can I edit this (without affecting my main score layout)?

Layout Options (Ctrl-Shift-L), and choose the layout from the list to set its properties. Page Setup.

You should have added a new part layout, not a new score layout. There are three icons at the bottom of the right hand box in setup mode, for a score layout, a part layout, and a “custom” layout where you are on your own for formatting.

(Dan Kreider’s answer isn’t “wrong”, but you might as well start from close to what you want, rather than change lots of things in Layout Options to make a “score” look like a “part”)

Ok, I made a new part layout… that works!